At the Birgu Local Council in Malta was held the presentation of the MACTT Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade.  Present were the Mayor of Birgu, Mr John Boxall, the Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Edward Zammit Lewis and the President of MACTT, Mr Sergio Passariello.

In the introduction, the Mayor indicated the reasons why the presentation was held in Birgu. “We shared the project MACTT as we consider that Birgu can be strengthened further as a tourist destination. The organization of educational seminars open to an international audience, which seminars of this type will take place in Malta for the first time, are in line with our actions to enhance the Euro-Mediterranean with Birgu as a reference. In his speech Sergio Passariello, President of MACTT, a Maltese NGO, indicated the activities to be carried out in Birgu and on the island.

In his speech, he also highlighted the need to develop a strategy and to create a Euro-Mediterranean platform to promote new cultural, educational and economic opportunities. As early as May 15 there is planned a short course of high specialization in the Bar Managing field and from June 19 to 21, there is prepared an Intercultural law course with the presence of eminent experts. In addition, there will be a seminar about EU Projects.

“We are honoured to collaborate with institutions in order to promote international initiatives that can support the network of EuroMed countries and work to foster new opportunities.” In thanking the Mayor of Birgu for the commitment to strengthen the role and image of the city, the Minister of Tourism Zammit Lewis had words of praise for the commitment and cooperation of MACTT toward the common goals of enhancing and promoting cultural, social and economic exchanges.

Aiming to create a brand of the Mediterranean providing a synergy between the EuroMed states to promote tourism flows from the rest of the world. The Minister announced that this is the intent and the commitment to carry out actions related with culture, tourism and trade through the implementation of a shared program.