A Forum for Sustainable Tourism Network: the final event of MACTT Ngo

By macttmalta

MACTT Ngo organized a webinar entitled “A Forum for Sustainable Tourism Network” on the occasion of the conclusion of the MAST project and the launch of a forum section for the development of permanent networking among actors and entities involved in the development of a new sustainable tourism. During the meeting Caterina Passariello, MAST project manager…

M(U)AST BE ACTIVE: MAST project successfully concluded

By Giovanni Guarise

A final online conference held last Friday, March 25, brought to a close the MAST project, the Mediterranean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism, a project funded by UfM for Employment Promotion. The conference, entitled “M(U)AST BE ACTIVE – Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean”, was broadcast live on the official Facebook page of MAST and on…

Peace and security in the world: EU launches new programme to support peace, stability and conflict prevention

By Giovanni Guarise

The EU is stepping up its capacity to advance peace and security in conflict-affected areas. With a budget of almost €900 million, the Global Europe thematic programme on Peace, Stability and Conflict Prevention will support actions with a global or trans-regional impact during the period of 2021-2027, by providing assistance to build capacities for conflict prevention, peacebuilding…

MAST project: prize and new deadline announced

By Giovanni Guarise

The project MAST (Mediterranean Alliace for Sustainable Tourism) opened the year 2022 with two great news addressed to all young people, students, entrepreneurs and professionals related to the world of tourism who want to grow new ideas of sustainable tourism for the future post Covid.