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Helping NGOs to become residents: the MPRP program

By macttmalta

The Maltese government has launched the MPRP permanent residency program, a scheme that simplifies criteria and procedures for granting residency with the aim of attracting more foreign investment and competing with other European residency programs. The program retains many of the attractive features of the previous Golden VISA (or MRVP) program, but introduces stricter controls and a greater…

Ngo MACTT appoints new board of directors

By macttmalta

The Ngo MACTT has unanimously approved the new statute and redefined its organizational structure. Giovanni Guarise, as General Secretary, and Domenico Letizia, who will be in charge of Public Relations, make their debut in the new Board of Directors. Sergio Passariello as President, Stefano Colombetti as Vice President, Caterina Passariello as Treasurer, Anna Rita Panariello as Councelor and Agostino Ingenito as General Secretary for Italy were…